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2014-11-07 19.11.42I began studying the craft of Aromatherapy when was suffering through several emotional and physical ailments last year. A friend of mine, who happened to be trained in a medical field, introduced them to me. Her previous work skills (she is currently a stay at home mom, but stays up to date on her medical certification) gave credibility. Which was important to my husband, and to me. She used the oils herself and wondered if I had ever thought about using them for my insomnia and emotional distress. I had just found out about my bladder cancer and had no idea what it all meant. I didn’t want to invest right away. Pure essential oils, grown, distilled and sold all from the same source are expensive. If they are not expensive, they are not superior oils.

After pouring over the website and decided to become a wholesale member I let my dear friend know I wanted to get oily. (Just an expression… essential oils are not actually oils at all) I became a fellow oily friend through her website so that she would get any benefits from my new membership. Shortly after, she met up with me, gave me a mini desk reference book and answered all my questions. Then she told me about her binder. Being a binder girl myself, I loved it and became excited to start my own binder. This amazing woman continued to learn and grow in her knowledge and had a giant binder full of studies and information.

What would go into my binder? As I began to use the oils and experiment with what works personally, I realized I was going to need to know a lot more than the average person. I think I found my calling. (I have several callings!) So I enrolled in a school that offered elective classes which could teach me about aromatherapy. Then I found a school on the NAHA website and decided to enroll there once I had taken all the aromatherapy classes in regular school. As for my binder, it is pretty much full of information I get when I order oils, every newsletter ever sent to me from YL, and brochures touting the benefits of oils. I keep specific information and my essential oil fact files digitally on my zip disc.

I know a lot of women who sell essential oils. And I believe that a LOT of knowledge can be found in the miles of books written about essential oils. I have purchased an entire bookshelf’s worth of these books. I have reference books, non-fiction books on how to treat specific ailments with oils, essential oil recipe books and even books on how to sell oils. But none of these books taught me what I would need to know in order to become an aromatherapist. Afer months and months and close to a grand in books, this knowledge didn’t hold a candle to what my teachers taught in class. So I did some detective work, putting my Google MD to good use, and found that in order to really learn the information that is needed to pass an ARC exam (exam taken to become a registered aromatherapist) is not something the salesperson can buy. Yes, there are textbooks available, but without school, the benefits are not worth the $100 it costs for the book. So like I wrote once before, I am going to publish a book, making this knowledge something a business person can use when selling essential oils. It will not be a textbook or a difficult read.

Essential oil multi-marketing sales are not like purses, vacuums, or books. I was a book fair host for Usborne Books and Barefoot Books and while I loved working in the libraries I realized I am not cut out to be a salesperson. When I became a member of Young Living, it opened my eyes to the large host of companies asking women who know very little about botany(taxonomy/Latin), chemistry or physiology, to immediately begin selling oils. Another reason I highly recommend Young Living… the people I know who sell their oils didn’t begin making bank for about 6 months to a year because it took that long to learn enough to safely sell the oils. When I was working hard to cleanse and replenish my body’s mineral and vitamin reserves, I spent about $500 per month with Young Living. If opening mouth in shock, you can rest assured that I saved money. I did my research before investing so heavily. We took all the money spent on doctors and biopsies and put it towards oils and supplements made with oils and plants. It paid off. We spent less and I felt better with less symptoms. Waking, vomiting and bleeding (I have no uterus anymore so I should have no bleeding anywhere, ever) was my morning routine. If those things happen now, it is rare and the only change I made in my life was forgoing the doctors and medicine and opting for holistic healers and herbs and oils. True story.

These days I still stand by Young Living, but if I have a friend who is coming onto the oil scene, I like to encourage her knew adventure and buy from her. The thing is, I’m not going to drop $500 a month on products that are from an unknown source. As a worker in the oil business, know where your product comes from. What country? When was it harvested this year because that changes the olfactory (smell) response. Where was it taken after it was harvested? What was the method of extraction? Lavender oil that has been steam distilled is safe to use if I am heading outside. If the lavender was cold-pressed I will be burned when I head into the sun. Not just photo-sensitivity, but photo-toxicity. This is all information I keep in my fact files. I do this for school, but also when I have clients, or if I ever choose to sell the oils, I’ll have an answer to these questions. I learn so much from making my oil files that I would dare say doing that alone would provide a better education than reading most of the books published today.

I leave you with this, until my book is written and published, here is a little gem… learn how chemistry affects blending. Look at the GC/MS (Gas Chromotograph/ Mass Spectrometer) reports and read about the chemical families that make up the oils you are recommending, sharing and trying to sell. Make a fact-file, or an information sheet for every oil you plan on selling or using. Okay, back to the GC/MS report. You can get this from the company which has made you an independent consultant. If they don’t provide this for you or the consumer, they either 1) don’t check their product and therefore don’t know the quality of the oils. Or, 2) they’re hiding something. Don’t work for a company that does not have these reports. Any trained, registered aromatherpist will agree with me. It’s pretty much like a chemical ingredient list and it’s important to learn how to read them. If you become familiar with the top 10 essential oil chemical families and their properties, you’ll have the confidence and the knowledge to actually be able to answer questions about the product your selling. It does take time and effort, believe me I know it does, but we’re not selling handbags here. We’re trying to pass along volatile plant extracts which are used to make medication. This is where medicine originated. The history of medicine (which is also the history of essential oils) is really cool, but that story is for another post.

So please, go forth, hone your craft, whether it be an essential oil enthusiast, a salesperson working for an essential oil company, a student working to become a practitioner of aromatherapy, or the much respected and sought after Certified/Registered Aromatherapist. Because I would love to have several vendors to purchase from and people I trust to keep current on products. If you sell oils, private message me as I would love to get to know you! And when all is said and done I’m hoping that when the writing process is all done, my book will have space on your shelf!


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